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Deborah Davis, painter, herbalist, gardener

Moths are the shamans of the night forest- hidden until we seek them. Throughout our human history moths have symbolized profound transformation with their own miraculous journey from egg, larva, pupa to adult.

Moths are nocturnal creatures and so are inherently mysterious. Since their intricate patterns and colors are rarely observed in casual encounters at the porch light, I paint them large. It is intimate. I have encountered each of the moths that I paint at my home near Charlottesville, VA. After I collect them, they then spend the night in my refrigerator in order to slow them down for their photo shoot the next day. Afterward I release each in excellent condition. There are thousands of species of moths locally and I am looking forward to painting their nearly endless variety. 

You can find me any warm night hovering in the lure of the light just like the moths.

A Mary Oliver quote:

Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.


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